Poetry Under The Bridge

By Alex Tempestada


And so he sat in his tiny room
His soul ripped apart
Floating between two worlds
Dreams and reality, what was the call?
Life is like a maze
You make a call and it gets lost inside of it
Chasing it while a stalker is behind you.
It is death.
Soon you will be gray and fading like sand on a sandbank in the Sahara…


The Madmans Poem

She is drowning in the sounds of the madman’s breaths,
Above a chalice of unwillingly taken life essence,
Starring into his void,
The void of his life’s essence.
A lunatic.
While she who he has taken is about to die, she hears a sorrowful sound…
The madman’s breath to send her off out of her misery,
Breathing…It slowly trickled away into existence. Her breath.
Her life…Unwillingly taken.
Her life…Now void.
Life …is just a madman’s idea.

The Blackburn Chronicles – Part 2 – Chapter 1 [RAW]

She was in need of a break after she was working with all of her power for over 3 hours. By now it was past midnight. She stepped outside of the barn and sat on one of the hay balls. She assured herself that her hands were clean by washing them in a bucket of clean water before she reached out into her suntanned face, rubbing it to get rid of the sleep that was nagging on her. Something she could not explain was starting to grow inside of the center of her body. A feeling of being very uncomfortable. She was raising her head and opening her eyes again to look into the night as she spotted bright gloaming blue eyes with a slight silhouette around them, making out the shape of a male head which has the hair bound to a ponytail. He seems to be wearing a very fancy jacket because the light that shines out of the barn towards him is reflecting it back towards her the closer he comes. Whatever his intentions may be, Victoria doesn’t feel comfortable with a stranger showing up at night. She gets up while he still keeps his comfortable pace, coming closer in a manner like everyone would have when you would take a walk. By now she can see that he must be around 180cm tall. He wears silken threads with very expensive decorative patterns on their sides and as she thought a suitable jacket above it, both in black and gold, a black shirt underneath it. Jewelry made out of silver with rich diamonds and rings on his fingers. He has a very…Yet seductive and friendly smile on his face which makes her doubting her guarded stance that she just took, ready to fight with her legs stable on the ground since she wears only old working boots with worn out leather they might slip in any case.

“Who are you? Why are you trespassing on our property at night?” Victoria’s voice sounded relatively confident, if she would not have started the sentence with the volume of someone who tries to speak out a secret.

“My name is Nathaniel Wright, Miss Blackburn. I came onto this property to claim what is since last night righteously mine. You.” His voice was marked with a slight vibration in each words. He must be a smoker, even though she could not smell anything on him, he was pretty close to her. He stood still and had his hands behind his back, a very common position in the military. She was observing him very carefully before she spoke up again, in a mixture of anger and disbelief.

“What are you talking about? I am nobodies property. You…You can’t claim me, where did you even get this idea from, Sir?” Something in his eyes was making her nervous. She never saw something like this. Bright gloaming eyes looking down at her, he also did not seem to blink or breath. His chest was still. He was…like a statue almost. The smile he put on now revealed his teeth which were as white as snow, perfectly aligned and two of them were as sharp as knives. Was she supposed to notice all this? She only became more tense now as he spoke up as calm as before. Now he was reaching out with his right hand in front of himself to look at his rings. All of them were silver, also every single one of them had gems and engravings in forms or languages she never saw.

“I am talking about the fact, Miss Blackburn, that your beloved father makes very high bets while he plays cards in the local tavern. In this case he did not had enough money to sustain his loss and he raised it….With his firstborn, which would be you. My hand was just better and I won.” He made a pause and as she was shocked to hear what he just said, laid three fingers of his right hand under her chin to lift it up so she finally was forced to not break eye contact anymore. She immediately noticed that his skin was as cold as the snow in winter but was unable to move with his touch. Unable to act, regardless what she wanted. Now she just wanted to run but she could not since he touched her skin, she could not explain why. “On top of that he was not shocked of the loss. I will repeat for you what he said as he left the table…” He came close to her left ear, his cheek was touching hers at this point. She was paralyzed. Not even her lungs were working anymore, she could not breath anymore but she could well listen to what he said as he whispered it in her ear. “He said: Fine, take this useless brat, she is worthless anyway even though she thinks she belongs into a better place.” Now was the point that he broke every contact with her. His cheek left hers, his fingers went away from her chin. All of a sudden she could breath again and move again but her center of balance was out of place because everything in her body kicked back in at once which made her drop to the floor. Tears were gathering in her eyes but she did not sniff as she raised her head again and looked towards Nathaniel. He was still standing there like someone who owns the world. Proud and happy about bringing such a message.

Those words of her father went through her head. Honestly said she always looked into something that reflected her. A puddle, a pond and on very rare occasions a mirror when she was in town and really thought that she should be in a better place. She was stuck in a place were she was being handled like the animals in their shelters. As she was continuously looking at Nathaniel she was gathering the impression that he knew what she was thinking, why would he nod as she thought exactly this? A shy question was coming from her pretty lips.

“You came to collect whats yours…So it is only honorable when I will follow you. But I demand to know what will happen to me. Will I be sent into slavery? Just be honest, I can handle it. It is not like I was not a slave on here since my whole life. It was just not the official declaration.” She was swallowing deep like she would expect a very bad answer. Being sent into the slave business was a very bad thing. Who knew which one, even a whore house could be possible by the look of Nathaniel’s clothes he definitely had money to run something big like a ring for that. The response should not need very long but it was something she did not expect at all.

“I will give you all the answers you want and you can ask me as many questions as you like. I hereby assure you that you wont be a slave, you will like you deserve it rise into the upper circles of the royals. Just like myself. I need a protege and you are beauty in its essence. Now you have one choice to make. You take my word for what I just said and come with me or you decline it and will rot on this farm until old age or until your father will kill you. What will it be Victoria? You are a free woman, decide now.” He was putting on black gloves and reaching with his right hand down to her, offering it to her to help her up if she would decide right. His eyes were patient. his pretty pale face was as well. The long white blonde hair with his lithe nose and the normal lips and his aesthetic jawline gave his chin a very sharp format. His skin looked so smooth that she found herself in a need to touch him in this moment. She felt an attraction towards his beauty, not his person. She was not thinking very long because those arguments were¬†something that sounded like a dream but she did not like it to be in the dark.

Horrors of an Occult War – A Second World War Story – [Upfront Character Concept]

Elisabeth was born as the child of rich parents in 1908 within the whereabouts of Munich. Alfred and Magdalena Schmieder both are descending from families which craftsmanship it was to transform raw jewels into the finest jewellery out there. The name of the father was nearly ironic since he was a goldsmith, Schmieder was a German word for smith. As the first world war was over, the family has lost everything they once had. All their wealth went into the same ruins as Germany now laid into, except their pride, which was the only thing that was still shining. Elisabeth on the other hand had a solid education after the end of the war with her 10 years of age, since she was being home schooled by a professor of the university of Munich. Being in the family business as a goldsmith, gave her the fine precision that was slumbering inside of her. In addition to that, she seemed to have a very in depth talent for maths. She was hard headed though and often said no to whatever was told to her from her parents, a spirit that wanted to be free and give orders instead, even at such a young age.

The ruins of war were sown all over the country. It was time to clean up and the nation was doing most of it since their soldiers were held hostage from the victorious countries who conquered everything that they once held. The Germans drove into depressions over the next decade. People died through their own hands because they killed themselves and their families after they saw that everything was lost and nothing was looking better, no ray of light was on the horizon. Finally a man was arriving that wasn’t only fascinating for Elisabeth, but also for the whole German Nation. She was nearly grown up by now, still living with her family which gave up the craftsmanship through the problem of indigence.

In the early times of politics they called him Adolf Hitler. The further he progressed over the years, closer to 1932, with his speeches and the elections, they started to call him the “Fuhrer”. The nation was deeply moved by his speeches. Hundreds of thousands were filling the squares that he spoke at to hold his political speeches for his campaigns. Elisabeth remembered those times very well. She was sure that he was a good bet, the best bet for everyone. He spoke about the key topic that the German Nation needs to be peaceful and loving. That was something that she completely endorsed. Her family lost everything because of the first world war. On the other hand she also understood that a country needs protection and as a grown up by now, she wanted to partake in this point. She joined the ranks of the military as Hitler won the elections, which had the immediate effect that Bismarck stepped down. The German Reich had his Fuhrer finally but now she was discovering something, slowly but surely. The divisions grew in their numbers beyond a defence, the chambers were filled with weapons and vehicles for war and as soon as this happened, the Fuhrer was changing his speeches to a fully different course. Peace slowly faded in his words, he was switching to offence and aggression. She made an oath for her country as she stepped into the military though and she held onto it. Never had she crossed this line in her life to break an oath, this is what and how she was as far as she could think back.
By now it is the year 1939. The second world war has begun. Poland is attacking the German Reich and Elisabeth had 6 years of military training, which made her not only ranking up, she also joined the Waffen SS with a solid Officer Insignia on her uniform, because of the academy that she was attending straight for 4 years. The last 2 years before the war she was having special staged training in the field, to get the feeling of combat, without having a real combat experience which should soon change. Something which she had in common and what was not missing was her fanatic belief into the final victory paired with her oath. Only one thing was different inside of her. Hate was resting deep into the soul of Elisabeth. Not a hate against Jews, which have been declared as the enemy, thieves, dirt and liars. She carriers a hate against the whole human race whose destructive structure repeats over and over again since evolution has started tens of thousands of years ago. She is ready to be a black angel of death in her uniform, to bring everyone down, into ruins, with her unit. To torture and to kill, to show the enemy what blank horror is to prevent a third world war, to show people a different approach. Without a convention, without politics.

Her own sadism that she is carrying on her shoulders is something that profits this cause because it grows through something that is not to explain from a normal point of view, hour over hour, more and more. The Reich has found a parade soldier in her, that is not hesitating to commit a crime or execute an order which other officers would deny due to the code of honour. There is only one crime that has never been solved. The death of her husband, Hans Winter, who has been found dead in his own blood in a command tent after a successful victory in the attack reactions against Poland. In her past on the officers academy, a dark spot rests on Elisabeth which seems to be related to all of that. The behaviour of her, the rapid change of a once bright optimistic and friendly young woman. Everyone knows that something had happened, but what exactly it was is unknown since people who seek interest get either lost in transit or are unable to recreate the approach they made towards her to ask. Her files have ever been under lock down since the “incident” and remain that way. Although that she seems to be a very rough person, she never lost her talent to be a very excellent leader in combat, her eccentricity and intellect is what lets her remain in her rank….

The Blackburn Chronicles – Part 1 – Prologue [RAW]

It was a sunny day in the year of 1480 in a countryside of Yorkshire. The 13th July to be exact. A Friday. If someone was to believe in bad luck then he would not step outside. Victoria on the other hand never believed in something like bad luck, only in things she could see for herself, change for herself.

As the daughter of a farmer she did not have an easy life. She was very pretty, you could not explain such gene development through her family. Her skin was smooth like Arabian silk, her hair was fire red, long and kept in a shape like you would find it inside of the kings family. It was framing her face whose jawline was outlining it to give it a strong but feminine look. Pretty green eyes looking out of it while full lips look at you with a smile. She had a cute nose, very lithe in its build, just like her body was. Very low on body weight, there was not much around to eat these days or better said the last months. The only thing that gave her away were her hands. They had a rough skin, the one of a worker.

Speaking about work, in this very moment her father was shouting out for her. He was ever since she can remember him a very impatient and rude person, always on the prowl to find a mistake so she had to work longer, harder and even into the night so he would not. His voice had the sound of last nights tavern still on his vocal cords, she was happy not to be near him for the sake of her sensible nose.

“Victoria, the barn needs to be cleaned! I just moved all the cows towards the field so you have the rest of the day and the night when it takes you that long. Don’t come back until you are done, do we understand each other?”

Of course we do…She thought, without a word she gave a nod away and he was already leaving the house, probably spending the last dime he had for another round of alcohol in the tavern. But she did not care. She just crossed the house towards the barn, giving it only slight attention. It really needs a lot of work to get it fixed. There was a storm last spring which was so heavy that it destroyed a good part of the decking from the roof, currently it is fixed with old fur so the wooden planks are exposed and the windows are gone as well. It is not a big house, it is barely enough to fit her and her father. After the death of her mother 6 years ago they lost a lot of what they once had. Drinking problems are an issue for economic reasons. At least they were able to keep the animals. She could hear them passing by. The sounds of chickens which mostly provide their eggs for breakfast, only a few go to the market. Far away in a shack she could hear the pigs which are part of the main income since they get butchered for their meat. The other part would be the cows for their constant milk.

It’s sundown already. She noticed that on her way to the barn. Opening the gates which were only small and not that of an issue for her, she realized that she would need the whole night to clean out everything in here. Around 24 Cows find their place in here and even worse was that this is also the storage for the milk cans and the hay. No sweat no sleep. She began to work and did it without complaining about the situation. The only thing she smelled was the wet and dirty hay. What she did not know after it was pitch black outside was that something with an intention as dark as the night was had his eyes on her…